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Xtruded Trans Oil Cooler - 3/8 inch Cooler Lines
Part # 1030606-3/8

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  • 22% more cooling over other designs
  • 200 Micro Extruded passages
  • Large surface area to transfer heat for external air flow cooling
  • Turbulent oil flow design promotes a more complete cooling
  • Large 5/8-inch ports prevents inlet/outlet restriction
  • Furnace brazed rails have been tested to 300psi of pressure
  • Thermostatically controlled 80-watt, 10-inch, 800 CFM electric fan
  • 33,930 BTU/HR and in excess of 30,000 GVW!
  • Kits complete with all fittings, clamps, hoses and hardware
  • Build-It-Yourself galvanized bracket kit for quicker and cleaner installation - no wasting time fabricating brackets out of scrap metal
  • The pre-wired loomed harness with fuse and relay comes with plug-in connectors
  • Chevy 1999-2000 4L80E - 3/8-inch Cooler Lines
  • Ford 1999-2003 4R100 - 3/8-inch Cooler Lines


  • 12-Months
  • 24,000 Miles


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