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Sway Bar End Links Kit - Dodge 2000-2009 4wd 2500/3500
Part # 1032050

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  • Could virtually be the last time they have be replaced!
  • Stock sway bar end links are prone to wearing or pounding out
  • Stock units can even break when lifted on 2-post vehicle lifts
  • Dual Pivot Design
  • Greater amount of articulation and less stress
  • Long life Urethane bushing design
  • Greater flex without breaking
  • Will not pound out or seize due to the elements
  • All components are designed to be easily serviceable
  • Wearing items are low cost to replace
  • Can quickly be installed in approximately 1-hour
  • Gas & Diesel
  • Trucks lifted more than 3-inches will require sway bar offset spacer which is typically included in most lift kits
  • Replacement bushing set available p/n 1312051


  • 12-Months
  • 24,000 Miles


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