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RT850 Track Master Twin Turbo Kit - 2010-2012 Dodge 6.7L
Part # 1045483

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  • Includes Turbine Blanket for Primary Turbo
  • Staged-compounded AirWerks S400 and S300 turbochargers
  • 360 Deg & 6 Pad High Thrust Bearings
  • Velocity inducers
  • Cast, FMW or billet compressor wheels
  • 90-degree compressor outlets
  • Great throttle response
  • Cool power throughout the engine rpm
  • DAQ testing proven EGTs below 1400 0F EGT at 625 rwhp (RT700) and 700 rwhp (RT850)
  • Cast iron hot pipe holds S400 in place with no possibility of cracking or weld failures
  • Powder coated intake piping c/w sensor ports and high flow air filter
  • 3" CAC pipe for high velocity
  • 4" intake pipe
  • Stainless Steel T3 Pulse Exhaust Manifold - retains heat energy to drive turbines
  • High temperature, high boost compatible Silicone hoses/boots
  • T-Bolt spring loaded clamps
  • For superior engine braking, install BD's Exhaust Brake
  • 1850 CFM - 127.94 LBM/MN - 850 HP
  • Comp Wheel Low Pressure: 80.0mm 3.15in
  • Comp Wheel High Pressure: 67.0mm 2.64in
  • Turbos, Down Pipe, Piping, Air Box, Washable Air Filter, Heat Wrap, Clamps, Hoses, Exhaust Manifold / Turbo Gaskets, Oil Drains, Brackets and Hardware


  • 12-Months
  • 12,000 Miles


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