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Transmission - 2007.5-2010 Dodge 68RFE 4wd Early Model
Part # 1064244

3,995.00 USD
Requires 2,000.00 Refundable Core Deposit
Availability: Call for availability
  • Roller bearings throughout
  • Pan adds 4.5qt extra oil capacity
  • New pump regulator valve design
  • Custom BD valve body separator plate
  • Custom BD accumulator plate
  • Hard ANODIZED Valve Body
  • BD uses hard anodized valve bodies to prevent wear at the SSV bore causing sticky valves and/or cross leaks from conventional valve bodies
  • Symptoms caused by SSV bore wear are:
  • 1. Limp-in mode
  • 2. Pressure switch rationality codes
  • 3. Erratic TCC apply
  • 4. No lockup
  • 5. L/R switch code
  • Protech68 Pressure Control module
  • 1. Deliver up to 275 PSI clutch apply pressure
  • 2. Providing 150% more holding force above stock to prevent clutch slippage
  • 3. Dynamically adjusts the hydraulic apply pressures based on MAP
  • 4. Ramps up the much larger sweep
  • Machined lower pressure plate
  • Machined reverse pressure plate
  • 4C piston spring retaining lock
  • 2C piston special machining for additional clutch fiber and steel plates
  • 2C apply piston modified to accept new heavier Billet retainer
  • 2C Steel girdle is applied to strengthen piston and give a broader apply area
  • BD exclusive, heavy duty constructed cam and roller style one-way clutch
  • Clutch Count: OVERDRIVE 7
  • Clutch Count: UNDERDRIVE 6
  • Clutch Count: 2C 4
  • Clutch Count: 4C 3
  • Clutch Count: REVERSE 2
  • Clutch Count: LR 7
  • Increase the durability of your drivetrain
  • Revised oil circuits
  • Handles up to 300% more power and torque than the stock transmission
  • Extra clutches and stronger internals
  • BD rigid aluminum heavy duty transmission pan
  • Pan reduces case flex
  • Pan reduces internal oil leakage
  • Pan heat-dissipating fins keep temperature down
  • Pan magnetic drain plug
  • Not warranted for Race or Sled Pull use
  • Each transmission is dyno tested


  • 36-Months
  • 150,000 Miles
  • 12-Months
  • 24,000 miles
  • No Race abuse covered. Remote filter required for inspection with cooler flow rate in GPM at Oil/Air transmission cooler outlet.


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